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15th September 2000

Calling all university students - interact with your emails from any telephone using Vocalis SpeechMail!

Vocalis offers fantastic deal for students - a SpeechMail account lasting your complete university course for under £30

As a student just starting your degree course at university, email and the Internet will become a way of life. But a lot of the time, you won't be at a desktop PC or have easy access to one. How can you deal with your email while on the move?

Simple - set up a SpeechMail account from Vocalis, the international speech technology group. SpeechMail is the highly successful email by phone service developed by Vocalis, which enables you to have your email read out to you simply by calling from any telephone. In order to connect to your mailbox you then enter your account number and PIN. Then, you can deal with your email messages as you would if you were at your PC - play, reply, delete, next message etc.

Vocalis is providing students with a unique offering - a SpeechMail account that works in conjunction with a university email account and lasts the full length of anybody's course, for just £29.99. That typically works out at under 10 a year, or even less for some courses.

It seems almost everybody today has a mobile phone, and a SpeechMail account is the perfect partner for a mobile. It means you can always have access to your emails wherever you are and whatever you're doing - travelling into university for that first lecture in the morning, or checking them at the end of a late session before collapsing into bed at dawn.

"Going to university presents students with wonderful opportunities in all kinds of ways. Especially for students leaving home for the first time, staying in touch with friends and family is vital wherever they may be" said Andy Walker, Head of Product Marketing for Vocalis. "This is not a problem with SpeechMail! Sometimes it can be difficult getting hold of a PC at University even if only to quickly check your email. However using the nearest telephone can be much more convenient and ideal when so many students have telephones in the halls of residence or their own mobile phones."

SpeechMail has been a major success story over the last year, and is now provided by scores of ISPs, in the UK and around the world, such as BT Talk 21, Cable & Wireless, UUNET and Freeserve. SpeechMail uses a combination of Advanced Speech Recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) technologies. The text of the email is converted into speech by the TTS component and is read out to a caller. Then, ASR allows them to perform various actions through spoken commands, such as replaying messages, deleting them, skipping on to the next message, or replying.

To find out more about SpeechMail, and take advantage of this great Vocalis offer, check out the website at, or try the demo line at 01223-849043.

For less than the cost of a few sessions in the bar, can you afford not to have SpeechMail for all your time at university? Introduce a friend and have the chance of winning a Go-Ped.

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Thursday, July 03, 2003
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