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24th June 1998


Vocalis Group, the Cambridge based speech recognition and telephony company, is introducing a new model of its SPEECHtel intelligent network peripheral platform which provides complete compatibility with the Signalling System 7 (SS7) protocol.

Vocalis has developed an SS7 Signalling Server to provide the interface between the intelligent network (IN) and the resources offered by SPEECHtel. This complies with the relevant industry standards, notably ETSI INAP CS1, and also with some alternative proprietary standards developed by companies such as Ericsson.

The SPEECHtel suite of applications uses Vocalis SpeechWare™, a powerful speech recognition technology developed by Vocalis to enable network operators to offer their customers a range of easy to use, voice-driven services. These include automated directory enquiries, voice activated dialling, automated collect calls, call redirection and universal personal telephony.

Such services provide key benefits to INs – an advanced form of telecommunications infrastructure that is controlled via a software ‘services’ layer. This allows new facilities to be implemented without any need to modify network switches. By freeing telephony operators from network infrastructure constraints, services such as those offered by SPEECHtel can be designed, tested and launched in a fraction of the time needed for the older form of switch based solutions.

At the heart of an IN is SS7, the industry standard set of protocols used by the world’s telecommunications industry. Therefore, for a platform like SPEECHtel to be tightly integrated with an IN, it must offer full SS7 compatibility.

"As yet, few platforms offering speech recognition and interactive voice response services are ETSI INAP CS1 compliant - SPEECHtel is one of the first to do this," said Andy Walker, Product Marketing Manager for Vocalis.

"The use of truly networked Intelligent Peripherals (IPs) like SPEECHtel provides important benefits for network operators," Walker added. "It makes the process of adding IPs less costly and much simpler and quicker, because there is no need to make modifications at the switch level. Also, adding extensive suites of extra services to non-intelligent networks can even compromise their performance. For example, call redirection could result in trunk lines being tied up unnecessarily. In an IN, the routing for such a service will automatically be optimised."

"INs are forecast to grow rapidly over the next few years, and increasing competition in the telecommunications market means operators need to offer product differentiators. Speech driven interfaces like SPEECHtel together with tight integration via SS7 are excellent ways of doing that," said Walker.

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Thursday, July 03, 2003
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