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21 November 1996


Vocalis, the speech recognition and call processing specialist, today announces that it has signed a distribution agreement with Folec Communications Pte Limited, one of Asia-Pacific’s established telecommunications companies. In addition Vocalis announces that Folec has placed its first order, worth £260,000, with Vocalis for the supply of a number of Operetta™ systems and a SPEECHtel™ demonstration system.

As a value-added reseller, Folec will market and support two of Vocalis’ world-leading speech recognition products in the Asia Pacific region. Operetta is an interactive speech recognition system which answers and routes incoming calls. SPEECHtel is a system that allows callers to dial from a fixed or mobile telephone simply by saying the name of the person they want to call.

Jeremy Peckham, Chief Executive, says, "This agreement ideally positions Vocalis to respond to business opportunities in the Asia Pacific region, the world’s fastest growing telecommunications market. The customer service and performance benefits that Vocalis systems provide are greatly sought after in this large market."

Ng Eng Ho, managing director of Folec Communications Pte Limited adds, "We chose to work with Vocalis as a supplier because of its track record in delivering robust, leading-edge speech recognition systems that people feel comfortable talking with."

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Vocalis works with organisations to create contact centre solutions that build the organisations business and brands. These solutions can turn your contact centre from a cost to a profit centre by ensuring it builds your brand, helps your business be more competitive, and increases customer loyalty through more effective and efficient service. Vocalis was formed in 1993, is publicly traded on FTSE Stock Market and has been listed since July 1996. Vocalis brings back the reassurance of the most personal human touch in business - putting voice to work.

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Saturday, September 06, 2003
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