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28th November 2000

Vocalis and Clear Channel Communications Announce Strategic Marketing Agreement

Vocalis, a world leader in Advanced Speech Recognition Technology, and Clear Channel, Clear Channel Communications Inc., the largest U.S. radio station owner, have announced a strategic marketing agreement. Under the agreement, Clear Channel's seven Houston radio stations: KLOL, KHMX, KPRC, KTBZ, KTRH, KKRW and KODA will promote and re-sell Vocalis' SpeechMail, email by phone service. Additionally, Clear Channel's Eller Media Division will conduct a comprehensive outdoor marketing campaign.

SpeechMail is designed to allow users access to their e-mail from any phone, any time, any place. The service is voice activated, enabling users to speak simple commands. Clear Channel listeners can sign up at any Houston Clear Channel radio station web-site (,,,,,, and or via 713-595-8888.

Speechmail provides Clear Channel listeners with a safe, effective, familiar mechanism to access email, keep in touch with family, friends and business associates while increasing personal and business productivity. SpeechMail uses the most natural form of communication, Speech, rather than keypad-based entry, enabling natural ease of use.

"As one of Clear Channel Communication's key synergy markets, Houston is excited about the opportunity to take a great new product directly to our Radio Listeners." Says Dennis Hart, General Sales Manager of Clear Channel Houston's Internet division. "Clear Channel Houston has been focusing on new ways of leveraging our local franchises. This product allows us a phenomenal opportunity to show our stuff."

"In terms of strategic agreements, this marks a milestone in our industry, as Vocalis Inc. is the first Voice Portal / Voice Recognition company to develop solid, sales-based partnerships with media companies," states Mike Williams, Director of Business Development for Vocalis. "Moreover, this marketing agreement allows Vocalis' products to help email users access email anytime, anywhere, anyplace' As typical commute times increase to over 1 hour, SpeechMail provides a way to access email while on the move for the business person, traveller or busy family. A marketing partnership with the largest out-of-home marketing company in the US allows us unparalleled synergy, including radio, Internet, outdoor and promotions which maximize the reach of these media."

Clear Channel Communications, Inc., is a global leader in the out-of-home advertising industry with radio and television stations and outdoor displays in 40 countries around the world. The company began its operations in 1972, and became a publicly traded company in 1984. Including announced transactions, Clear Channel operates 900 radio and 19 television stations in the United States and has equity interests in over 240 radio stations internationally. The company is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

Vocalis opened its US headquarters in Houston, Texas, in May of 2000. Vocalis builds a range of voice activated telephony products for customers around the world. Vocalis has established other significant partnership agreements with several leading ISPs including, and; and Zebec Data Systems, a leading data warehousing service in the US healthcare industry. Find additional Vocalis product information on the Web at

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Vocalis works with organisations to create contact centre solutions that build the organisations business and brands. These solutions can turn your contact centre from a cost to a profit centre by ensuring it builds your brand, helps your business be more competitive, and increases customer loyalty through more effective and efficient service. Vocalis was formed in 1993, is publicly traded on FTSE Stock Market and has been listed since July 1996. Vocalis brings back the reassurance of the most personal human touch in business - putting voice to work.

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Thursday, November 27, 2003
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