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17th July 2002

Vocalis Group plc

AGM Statement 2002

Vocalis Group plc ("Vocalis" or "the Group"), a leading provider of voice driven business solutions to the call centre industry, held its Annual General Meeting in Cambridge today. At the AGM, Ken Hill, Chairman, made the following statement:

The first few months of the current year have seen continued progress following the strategic, operational and personnel changes made last year, a period in which Vocalis was transformed from a pure technology company to a market driven business solutions provider.

The solutions being introduced to Powergen and Chelsea Building Society are due to be delivered next month, in line with the agreed timetable, and will provide strong reference sites. Revenues from these contracts will be recognised in the current year and additional orders have been received from both these customers as the projects have progressed.

Today we can announce that we have signed an agreement with Aspect Communications, a leading provider of business communications solutions, under which Vocalis and Aspect will pursue joint opportunities in the UK call centre market, with particular focus on the utilities and financial services sectors. The two companies are already working together on the Powergen contract. We have also entered into a partnership with QAS, an address management technology company, through which we can integrate QAS product into our solutions. The agreements with these two partners, who are recognised leaders in their respective fields in the call centre market, are further evidence of our best of breed approach to provide complete Vocalis solutions.

We continue to keep tight control of operating costs, which continue at approximately 400,000 per month and of our cash balances, currently standing at 3.4 million.

Vocalis is one of the UKs leading providers of voice driven solutions to the call centre market. We entered the current year as a strong organisation pursuing a clear and focused strategy and look forward with increasing confidence.

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About Vocalis

Vocalis is the UKs leading provider of voice driven business solutions. Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Cambridge, England, Vocalis enables companies and individuals to conduct transactions and obtain information through the use of speech technology over a standard or wireless telephone network. Vocalis is publicly traded on FTSE Stock Market (VOC.L) and has been listed since July 1996. The Vocalis solution portfolio includes a range of applications for processing natural language data, commands and inquiries over the telephone or Internet, all of which are based on proprietary speech recognition technology, Vocalis SpeechWare.

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Friday, August 29, 2003
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