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Putting voice to work in today's aggressive telecommunications market

The European telecommunication industrys future lies in providing added-value services that distinguish providers in the marketplace. Yesterday, the telecommunications sector was simple - providing one core service to customers: voice. Today, however, the situation could not be more different as voice services are joined by a multitude of diverse applications.

However, faced with interminable queues and inexperienced operators, customers will not be slow to terminate contracts. Supporting a customer base of millions through the sole conduit of call centres becomes simply unfeasible. Smart companies have already found the solution; employing voice driven solutions that give the customer direct control over their information and account.

We can show how Vocalis voice driven solutions can:

  • Contribute directly to profitability
  • Meet demanding ROI benchmarks
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • deliver to timescales and budgets
  • Provide competitive advantage tailored to the Telecoms sector

The voice driven future of Telecommunications
Vocalis uses a "best of breed" model to related technologies and a modular approach to building the complete solution tailored to your requirements. Some examples that may be appropriate to you as a telecommunications company are shown below, but if you have an issue regarding your customer interaction then please call us on +44 (0) 1223 846177 to discuss your requirements.

Case Study: Eircom 11811
Eircom 11811is just one example of how we've put the power of voice to work in markets that depend on building strong customer relationships to establish their reputations.

To find out more read this case study.

Experience a call centre solution demonstration now:

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Call us to find out the difference we can make to your company on:
+44 1223 846177

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Location :: Solutions/Sectors/telecoms