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Vocalis voice driven solutions

Vocalis voice driven solutions enable companies and individuals to conduct transactions and obtain information using some of the most advanced speech recognition technology in the UK marketplace. Vocalis helps companies solve their customer interaction challenges in a cost efficient and effective manner by simply allowing customers to say what they want to do.

The Vocalis solution plays an important strategic and operational role in turning contact centres from a cost to a profit centre by ensuring the centre supports the brand, helps the business be more competitive, and increases customer loyalty through more effective and efficient service.

The Vocalis solution focuses on 100% transaction success. Vocalis solutions are carefully designed and deployed to enhance the customer experience while working with the call agents to improve the overall customer service. These solutions work in conjunction with all other customer contact channels.

Flexible Solutions

Vocalis solutions use a "best of breed" approach to third party technologies, with a modular approach to building the complete solution. A voice-driven interface is natural, easy to use and quick to deploy based in the UK, Vocalis is the UK specialists in understanding the dialogue and language required to design a user-friendly system that interacts easily with your customers.

Vocalis voice driven solutions can dramatically improve:

Automation reduces queuing and offers customers rapid access to services whenever they demand it. (You are being held in a queue is one message no customer wants to hear).

Self-service puts customers in control and allows companies to gain a competitive advantage whilst reducing costs.

Authentication of the caller ensures that the right information is delivered to the right person, whether the call involves highly confidential information or a simple request for advice.

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Friday, October 10, 2003
Location :: Solutions/Overview