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Utility company Powergen has launched a new voice driven customer service enquiry line for its residential customers. The complete voice driven solution, which has recently gone live, handles gas and electricity meter readings, sets up Direct Debits and allows access to balance enquiries for all of Powergens residential customers.

The service has been supplied and installed by Vocalis, a leading provider of voice driven solutions, to provide a consistent, efficient and easy to use service for Powergens customers. Vocalis and Powergen worked together to ensure a successful customer experience, which included designing a dialogue that callers would be familiar with and choosing a voice that would represent and promote the Powergen brand.

John Gunter, Customer Services Director from Powergen, said: "The increasing competition in our market means it is imperative that we offer high quality and efficient customer service by phone - after all, for many of our customers, this is their main contact with us. This service means we can offer a service which minimises call waiting times, allows us to cope with increased call volumes and enables our servicing agents to deal with more complex enquiries. We also expect to see an increase in the efficiency with which calls are handled."

"Vocalis worked with us taking a flexible modular approach to the design of this service. As they were locally based, their support and understanding of UK market and business issues was a definite benefit."

Ken Hill, Vocalis Chairman, said: "We are delighted to be working with Powergen, providing them with an easy to use voice driven service, which would be simple, flexible and natural for their customers. This solution will provide Powergen with immediate business benefits, improved efficiency and improved customer service, as well as cost savings. "

For more information on this installation and others please contact Vocalis on
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Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Location :: Solutions/Case Studies/Powergen