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Eircom 11811 uses a sophisticated voice to build their reputation

The challenge:

eircom 11811 is the leading provider of directory enquiries in Ireland. They offer a premium service which has resulted in significant growth. To achieve further business objectives, they plan to launch a suite of value added services. The network and digital exchanges manage 1.5m telephone lines, but it's the sophistication of the services that allow eircom 11811 to deliver services that distinguish the company. In order to support the eircom 11811 business strategy, it is vital they deliver enhanced services in a highly competitive marketplace. These enhancements also have to prove their cost-effectiveness. Vocalis continue to work with eircom 11811 on automated IVR services to increase productivity and reduce CRM costs.

The Vocalis voice driven solution

Vocalis voice driven business solutions have been applied at a number of levels for eircom 11811 to manage approximately 800,000 calls to directory enquiries each week.

This system has 120 ports providing a range of operator services. This includes directory enquiries and a number of other value added customer information services.

The Vocalis solution, which integrates seamlessly into the directory enquiries system, provides significant reductions in call handling time through automatic dial-up for call completion and automatic number release.

This is just one example of how Vocalis are providing leading solutions to Europe's telecommunications industry - offering efficient, approachable services for customers and cost-effective call management solutions for companies.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Location :: Solutions/Case Studies/eircom