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Vocalis Solutions: the Benefits

Vocalis voice driven business solutions are based on enhancing the customer experience, making the business more competitive and providing a return on investment to contact centres. As the contact centre is often the only communication that customers have with a company it is important the process is smooth for the customer and reflects the values that the company wants to project, therefore Vocalis work closely with its customers to ensure this happens.

By understanding your particular business objectives, Vocalis can help you work more effectively to develop valuable and valued relationships with your customers.

Other benefits to consider with Vocalis voice driven solutions include:

  • Tailored solutions that meet your business needs

  • Cost efficient solutions that will grow with your business

  • Ability to offer a consistent branded service across all contact channels

  • Proven financial return and customer service benefits

  • Quick and easy deployment by our experienced consultancy team

  • Expertise in English language and dialogue

  • 100% delivery record to customer expectations

  • Compatibility with industry standard infrastructure

  • Proficient support on 24 x 7 basis

  • Due to the unique way in which we deploy our solutions the space needed to house the system can be minimised

  • Quick access and navigation because the system uses a natural voice interface.

There are a number of features of Vocalis voice driven solutions that demonstrate our focus and expertise that can make all the difference when dealing with customer interaction.

  • User-friendly interface because callers can talk to our solutions normally, in complete sentences. For example, in a home banking application, the system might ask, "What would you like to do?" and in response the caller can simply say:

    "I'd like the balance of my current account please"

    Rather than having to negotiate different menu levels and options, users can simply say what they want. This is possible because of the advanced nature of our core technology, Vocalis SpeechWare, and the expertise of our specialised dialogue design team.

  • 'Barge-in' - Vocalis solutions allow callers to interrupt the system as soon as they are ready to speak. Callers familiar with a service can therefore take natural shortcuts, whilst users who are less familiar are guided through the dialogue by the prompts. This is a more natural, user-friendly solution than touch tone based shortcuts, and maintains customer satisfaction with the service.

  • Natural error detection and correction - a human agent is aware when he or she has not understood what the caller has said and can employ a range of techniques to correct the situation. Through our experience in dealing with customer interaction, we can design our solutions to interact with callers in a similar way and this allows the application to decide whether to ask supplementary questions that clarify the information or whether to proceed directly to the next stage in the dialogue.

  • High accuracy and greater flexibility because, unlike most solutions that only offer a complete pre-defined list of vocabulary for the whole process, the Vocalis solutions allows dynamic creation of vocabulary at the specific point they are needed. This dynamic capability allows the system to create vocabulary that is specific to the caller, which allows it to perform the natural error detection techniques described above, and to recognise personal information, such as a name and address.

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    Friday, August 22, 2003
    Location :: Solutions/Benefits