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Customer service is not a cost - it is an Investment
John Frazer-Robinson

The reasons for ASR outperforming IVR will become clear as we look at some of the specific capabilities and characteristics of these systems. Much of it boils down to voice recognition simply providing a more intuitive, flexible and user friendly interface
Quocirca, March 2003

Comprehensive data from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) indicates that the number of consumer contacts via the telephone is in excess of 90%
Direct Marketing Association (DMA), March 2003

70% of customer satisfaction is created by the interaction experience and not the product itself
Centre of information based competition, March 03

Caller respondents preferred speech recognition over touch-tone by a factor of 6 to 1
Gartner, January 2003

The research found that the primary drivers for overall caller satisfaction with speech systems included convenience, speed and timeliness of information retrieval, recognition accuracy and a personal and friendly interaction.
Gartner, January 2003

This research clearly demonstrates that overall caller satisfaction with speech recognition technology is very high, and that most customers indicate a clear preference for using speech recognition over either touch-tone or Internet interfaces,
Gartner, January 2003

The Research study probed for qualitative insights on speech technology, looking for callers top-of-mind reactions to their experience. Respondents were given the opportunity to freely state their opinions, with top-rated comments including:

  • Its quick
  • Easy to use
  • Answers all questions, gets needed information
  • Dont have to wait or be on hold

Gartner, January 2003 "92 percent of U.S. consumers form their image of a company based on their experience using their call center. Just as marketing and advertising have an impact on a companys brand image, call centers also play an important role, and should be considered a critical element of a company's strategy."
Speech Technology Magazine, Purdue University study, November 2002

Speech recognition is a compelling and functionally rich technology with many applications in and out of contact centers
DMG Consulting, October 2002

Consumer research on behalf of a leading call centre operator indicated that the majority of respondents, 80% of men and 92% of women, claimed to prefer to telephone a company than to contact it through the Internet.
Mintel Call centre Report, September 2002

The IVR market is currently going through the biggest change in its history. Revolutions in technology are changing where and how IVR systems are used.
In-Stat/MDR, July 2002

Speech interaction reduces the time of a banking call by 35% compared to a touchtone call, according to a benchmark study on bank call centers by the Center for Customer-Driven Quality at Purdue University. The Purdue study on banking call centers also states that agent-assisted calls in banking cost almost $4 per call compared to 45 cents per call for automated speech recognition. March 2002

To survive, call centres in Britain are going to have to specialise in quality and in technological innovation The Times, March 2002

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Tuesday, August 19, 2003
Location :: Corporate/Industry Quotes